Jiu Jitsu Teen Prodigies

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At this level, students form a distinct point-of-view of their jiu jitsu journey. Interest in competition develops.

Jiu Jitsu Prodigies


Teenage girls spar in jiu jitsu class
Teenage students roll on a jiu jitsu mat
Smiling teen girl in jiu jitsu class
Teenage girl locks teenage boy in a rear mount
Teenage girls spar in jiu jitsu class
Teenage girls spar in jiu jitsu class
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Class Title

Jiu Jitsu Prodigies

Age Group

12 and older

Skill Levels

All levels

Belt Ranks

Mixed belts


In Jiu Jitsu Teen Prodigies, students show interest in advancing their jiu jitsu. Entering tournaments is optional but encouraged at this stage to gauge progress.

With even more developed bodies and minds, class instruction accelerates sparring exercises. Instruction will touch on competitive techniques while still expanding fundamentals.

Jiu Jitsu Prodigies

Jiu Jitsu Prodigies

Goals & Expectations

Class Goals

  • Expand student knowledge of advanced jiu jitsu
  • Show advanced understanding of various techniques
  • Learn to build a personal path of growth and set goals
  • Form strategic methods for facing challenges
  • Encourage participation in tournaments
  • Maintain control of yourself in all situations
  • Communicate with coaches and partners

Show up ready

  • Students must respect others and be on time
  • Students and their uniforms must be clean
  • When training in gis, you must wear belts
  • What you wear isn't as important as your attitude
  • Keep nails trimmed and clean

House rules

  • Wear slippers or other footwear when off the mat
  • Do not use the bathroom barefoot
  • Do not wander into employee or staff areas
  • No one under 16 permitted in the shower without your parent's consent and presence
  • Higher belts have priority on mat space
  • No bragging, shouting, or screaming
  • Coaches will expel students bullying others, without exception

At Silverfox Jiu Jitsu Hawaii, we help you build your confidence and skills in self-defense. Almost anyone can master these techniques, given proper guidance. Our coaches will work with your teen to reach their full potential in jiu jitsu.

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Jiu Jitsu Prodigies
Jiu Jitsu Prodigies
Jiu Jitsu Prodigies


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Two local boys from Hawaii practice jiu jitsu together

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